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AutoChimp Dual Camera Kit for Toyota Corolla 2017 - 2019 | Reverse Camera On Switch + 2nd Camera Interface | AC-DUAL-COROLLA-2017


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Toyota Corolla
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020

Vehicle must have a standard reverse camera already installed for dual camera kits to work. If the vehicle does not have a reverse camera we sell kits for all the Toyota models that require them, search for AC-TOY-RC in search bar to view kits.

The AutoChimp Dual Camera Kit for Toyota Corolla 2017 to 2019 | AC-DUAL-COROLLA-2017 is a plug and play interface that integrates with your factory stereo screen to allow you to run additional cameras which you can activate anytime.

In addition to adding additional cameras you can activate and use the factory reverse camera anytime while driving in order to view behind you on the factory screen. 

The AutoChimp Dual Camera kits are designed specifically for your vehicle so that everything is a simple plug and play process, completely colour coded for easy installation.

This allows you to now use any trailer cameras anytime to keep your tow as safe as possible. The AutoChimp Dual Camera kit will allow you to override the cars factory reverse camera and prioritise & see the trailer camera while parking.

Comes complete with factory style activation buttons designed to mount in the factory vehicle dash locations.

What Are Dual-Camera Interfaces?

Our interfaces allow you to run multiple cameras on your factory stereo. Simply plug our module into your factory stereo screen. 

1. Activate your reverse camera anytime even while driving.

2. Add 1x additional camera you can activate anytime.

Perfect for trailers, caravans, boats, towing, front cameras, side cameras, 4WD's under car cameras, trucks, transport vehicles & more.


  • Activate Factory Reverse Camera Anytime
  • Add 1x Additional Camera to Factory Screen
  • Activate & view trailer cameras while in reverse
  • Easy Plug & Play Install 
  • Uses Factory Stereo Screens
  • Retains Factory Vehicle Warranty
  • Factory Style Activation Buttons
  • 9v - 15v
  • NTSC Format
  • 2 Year Warranty


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