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AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kit | Seamless Camera Integration for Factory Screen | AC-MULTI-CAM-KIT


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AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kit | Seamless Camera Integration for Factory Screen | AC-MULTI-CAM-KIT

This all-inclusive kit allows for the addition of multiple cameras to your factory screen, enhancing safety and convenience without the need for complex wiring. The AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kit | AC-MULTI-CAM-KIT, designed for seamless integration for factory stereo screen simply select your model vehicle and we will send you a plug & play installation kit.

Key Features:

  1. AutoChimp Camera Compatibility: Our cameras are designed to be perfectly plug-and-play with the Multi-Cam system. Simply connect and go, with power supplied directly from our innovative module. No more wiring or splicing.
  2. Wireless Bluetooth Remote: Switch between 4x camera views with our wireless Bluetooth remote that can be mounted anywhere & is USB-C rechargeable.
  3. Smartphone Control: Use our AutoChimp Multi-Cam App to now control the cameras from your phone, perfect for parking and reversing trailers & campers. *Available free on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  4. Multiple Camera Views: Support for up to four cameras means enhanced visibility for every angle around your vehicle. (Factory camera plus 3x new camera)
  5. Instant Factory Camera Access: Activate your factory reverse camera anytime while driving for added safety and convenience.
  6. No Wiring Necessary: Cameras connect directly to the Multi-Cam module, eliminating the need for additional wiring and ensuring a tidy, efficient setup.
  7. Vehicle-Specific Connectors: Tailored connectors make installation a breeze. Select your vehicle model for a custom fit designed to match your car’s specifications.
  8. NTSC Compatibility : AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kits work with all NTSC cameras and factory screens that display NTSC format. (most vehicles)

The AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kit is the epitome of innovation, designed for drivers who value efficiency and advanced vehicle safety features. With no complex wiring required and a plug-and-play design, our cameras offer an unmatched ease of installation and operation. This kit is not just an upgrade; it's a transformative tool for enhanced situational awareness and convenience.

In the Box:

  • Multi-Cam Interface Module
  • Wireless Bluetooth Remote (USB Rechargeable)
  • Plug & Play AutoChimp Camera Connectors
  • 3x Universal Camera Adapter Harnesses
  • Customized Plug & Play Connectors (Select Your Vehicle Model)
  • Video Installation Guide

Drive with confidence and clarity with the AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kit – your solution for advanced, hassle-free camera integration.