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AutoChimp Rugged Camera Connection Kit | Multi-Cam Direct Connect & RCA Adapter | AC-RUGGED-CONNECT-KIT


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AutoChimp Rugged Camera Connection Kit | Multi-Cam Direct Connect & RCA Adapter | AC-RUGGED-CONNECT-KIT

The AutoChimp Rugged Camera Connection Kit combines two essential adapters into one convenient package, ensuring your AutoChimp Rugged HD Camera seamlessly integrates with a variety of systems. This kit includes the Multi-Cam Direct Connect Plug and the RCA Output Plug, providing versatile connectivity options for your camera setup.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Cam Direct Connect Plug: This adapter allows for straightforward connection to AutoChimp Multi-Cam modules, powering your camera directly from the module. It eliminates the need for additional wiring, offering a simple and efficient setup.
  • RCA Output Plug: Ideal for integrating your Rugged HD Camera with systems that require an RCA connection. This adapter ensures compatibility with various aftermarket screens, including those from Kenwood, Pioneer, and Alpine.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to work with all AutoChimp Multi-Cam modules, this kit offers flexibility for various vehicle setups and camera configurations.
  • Plug & Play Convenience: Both adapters in the kit are designed for easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process without the need for complex wiring.
  • Power Output Capabilities: The kit provides switched 12v accessory power and a 12v ground output, accommodating all necessary wiring requirements for your camera.


  • 1x AutoChimp Multi-Cam Direct Connect Adapter - 4 Pin to Female RCA | AC-RUGGED-CONNECT-DIRECT
  • 1x AutoChimp Rugged HD Camera RCA Adapter | AC-RUGGED-CONNECT-RCA

Why This Kit:

The AutoChimp Rugged Camera Connection Kit is an ideal choice for those who have the AutoChimp Rugged HD Camera and are looking for easy, versatile ways to connect it to various systems. Whether you're integrating with an AutoChimp Multi-Cam module or need an RCA connection for an aftermarket screen, this kit provides the necessary adapters in one package. Simplify your camera installation and maintain high-quality video transmission with the AC-RUGGED-CONNECT-KIT.

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty, assuring quality and reliability for your camera connectivity solutions.