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AutoChimp Stereo Harness for Toyota 2006 - 2020 | Kenwood Stereo Install Harness | for 16 Pin Kenwood Stereo | AC-TOY-HRN-KEN-16PIN


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The AutoChimp Stereo Harness for Toyota 2006 - 2020 | Kenwood Stereo Install Harness | for 22 Pin Kenwood Stereo | AC-TOY-HRN-KEN-16PIN is a plug and play kit that allows you to change the factory stereo to an aftermarket Kenwood stereo. 

The AutoChimp AC-TOY-HRN-KEN-22PIN retains all factory features that can be adapted to the new stereo such as, steering controls, power, speakers & reverse camera & USB.

The kit has been custom designed to plug and play and is unique in that it allows you to program the steering controls through the kenwood stereo to be exactly how you want them to function. 

The AutoChimp AC-TOY-HRN-KEN-22PIN has been custom designed with multiple adapters for steering controls and reverse camera which allows it to cover majority of the Toyota vehicles on the market from 2006 to 2023. The kit is a unique all in one solution that makes installation as simple as possible.


  • Retains Steering Controls
  • Retains USB
  • Retains powers
  • Retains speakers
  • Retains reverse camera
  • Plug & Play

Vehicle Compatibility

The AutoChimp Kenwood Stereo Install Harness for Toyota 2006 to 2023 | AC-TOY-HRN-KEN-16PIN is designed for the Toyota vehicles from 2006 to 2023.

Note 1: There is two style of USB adapter available AC-TOY-USB-2010 (earlier model Toyota vehicles) & AC-TOY-USB-2020 (later model Toyota vehicles approx. 2020 onwards)
Note 2: Does not work with factory amplified vehicles with JBL Audio.

Stereo Compatibility

The AutoChimp AC-TOY-HRN-KEN-22PIN is designed to suit the Kenwood stereos with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto that have the 22 pin plug in the rear, such as the DDX9, DMX9, DMX8, series and more.

Please check your plug lines up with the image shown below.