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*Sale Ends May 30th*
*Sale Ends May 30th*

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Control Your Car Cameras Wirelessly

Control Your Car Cameras Wirelessly

Take full control of your vehicle's camera system with the AutoChimp Multi-Cam Remote app. Designed to work in tandem with the AutoChimp multi-cam module, this intuitive app provides a virtual remote at your fingertips, allowing you to activate and switch between up to four camera feeds directly on your car's factory screen.

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  • Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity: Pair your device with the AutoChimp module to manage camera settings wirelessly.
  • Multi-Camera Access: Easily toggle between camera views labelled CAM 1, CAM 2, CAM 3, and CAM 4, ensuring comprehensive coverage around your vehicle.
  • Factory Screen Integration: Enhance your factory stereo by adding multiple cameras and accessing them anytime, without the need for additional screens. (AutoChimp Multi-Cam Module Requried in Car)
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a straightforward and responsive interface that mirrors the physical AutoChimp wireless remote.
  • Convenience at Hand: The app serves as an exact digital replica of the physical Bluetooth and USB rechargeable remote that accompanies the AutoChimp Multi-Cam Module.
  • Installation Guides: Access video tutorials directly through the app to guide you through the DIY installation process.

Whether you're towing a trailer, navigating busy streets, or just need a better view around your vehicle, the AutoChimp Multi-Cam Remote app simplifies the process, providing convenience and safety in a sleek, user-friendly package.

What’s New: 31st Dec 2023

  • Enhanced Performance: The latest version includes minor enhancements for smoother operation and improved user experience.

The app is available for free, with no ads or registration required, ensuring uninterrupted access to its features.