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AutoChimp Multi-Camera Kit for Isuzu DMAX 2019 to 2024 | Seamless Camera Integration for Isuzu DMAX Factory Screen | AC-MULTI-CAM-DMAX-2020


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Kits come in two parts. Part A: Module & Part B: Harness, Bluetooth Remotes Come Paired To Your Device, and Warranty 3 Years

AutoChimp Multi-Camera Kit for Isuzu DMAX 2019 to 2024 | Seamless Camera Integration for Isuzu DMAX Factory Screen | AC-MULTI-CAM-DMAX-2020

This all-inclusive kit allows for the addition of multiple cameras to your factory Isuzu DMAX screen, enhancing safety and convenience without the need for complex wiring. The AutoChimp Multi-Camera Kit | AC-MULTI-CAM-KIT, designed for seamless integration for factory stereo screen simply select your model vehicle and we will send you a plug & play installation kit.

No programming required, no wiring required comes ready to go. Simple plug in and runs, bluetooth remotes come paired and phone app pairs through QR code on box 

Key Features:

  1. AutoChimp Camera Compatibility: Our cameras are designed to be perfectly plug-and-play with the Multi-Cam system. Simply connect and go, with power supplied directly from our innovative module. No more wiring or splicing.
  2. Wireless Bluetooth Remote: Switch between 4x camera views with our wireless Bluetooth remote that can be mounted anywhere & is USB-C rechargeable.
  3. Smartphone Control: Use our AutoChimp Multi-Cam App to now control the cameras from your phone, perfect for parking and reversing trailers & campers. *Available free on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  4. Multiple Camera Views: Support for up to four cameras means enhanced visibility for every angle around your vehicle. (Factory camera plus 3x new camera)
  5. Instant Factory Camera Access: Activate your factory reverse camera anytime while driving for added safety and convenience.
  6. No Wiring Necessary: Cameras connect directly to the Multi-Cam module, eliminating the need for additional wiring and ensuring a tidy, efficient setup.
  7. Vehicle-Specific Connectors: Tailored connectors make installation a breeze. Select your vehicle model for a custom fit designed to match your car’s specifications.
  8. NTSC Compatibility : AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kits work with all NTSC cameras and factory screens that display NTSC format. (most vehicles)
  9. Adds Reveres Camera: Don't have a reverse camera on the your car already? The Multi-Cam Kit can add one so it activates when put in reverse.

The AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kit is the epitome of innovation, designed for drivers who value efficiency and advanced vehicle safety features. With no complex wiring required and a plug-and-play design, our cameras offer an unmatched ease of installation and operation. This kit is not just an upgrade; it's a transformative tool for enhanced situational awareness and convenience.

In the Box:  Video Unboxing & Camera Connection Guide

  • Multi-Cam Interface Module
  • Wireless Bluetooth Remote (USB Rechargeable)
  • Plug & Play AutoChimp Camera Connectors
  • 1x Universal Camera Adapter Harnesses
  • Customized Plug & Play Connectors (Select Your Vehicle Model)
  • Video Installation Guide

Drive with confidence and clarity with the AutoChimp Multi-Cam Kit – your solution for advanced, hassle-free camera integration.